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Millennium Cylinders

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With well over 200,000 currently in service around the world and millions of flight hours behind them, Superior’s Millennium Cylinders are without question, the most popular FAA-approved, PMA aftermarket cylinders in all of general aviation.  

Their overwhelming success is a result of not only Superior’s technical mastery, but also our advanced design philosophy:

“To create products and technologies that not only advances the state of piston aircraft engine performance, but redefines it.”

Structurally, each Millennium Cylinder is an engineering and manufacturing masterpiece. From its advanced computer generated head fin configuration, to its 3-D port contour and increased wall thickness, to its advanced aluminum alloy heads and through hardened AMS 6382 steel barrel, Millennium Cylinder’s deliver performance and quality benefits far surpassing any other replacement cylinder. 

Look great. Perform better.

What does quality look like? See for yourself. Just put any Millennium Cylinder side-by-side with any other OEM or aftermarket cylinder and the difference becomes obvious. With its striking black barrel, alodyne-finished head and anodized valve cover, the Millennium Cylinder just looks Superior.

Structurally, its finished lines are smooth, highly polished and consistent. It also has all the aerodynamic performance enhancements you’d expect from the best cylinder you can own. 

Sure it looks good – and it performs even Superior. 

We’re so confident in the Millennium Cylinder’s performance that it’s covered by a full 37-month or to TBO (whichever comes first) warranty. One of the best in the business. 

With each hour, the legend of Millennium Cylinders’ performance grows, making it the only real choice for owners who demands Superior. 

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®Millennium Cylinder is a Registered Trademark of Superior Air Parts, Inc. 

Millennium Cylinders On-Aircraft Break-In Procedure

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