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Q: What is the Vantage Engine?
A: The Vantage Engine is a next-generation, FAA Certified, four-cylinder, horizontally opposed, 180-horespower engine developed specifically for general aviation. It offers a variety of performance, reliability and quality enhancements that are not available when the prior-generation OEM engines were originally designed and certified five decades ago.

Q: Is the Vantage Engine a clone or copy of a Lycoming or Continental engine?
A: No. The Vantage Engine is designed to meet the latest engine specifications and built with 100%, FAA approved Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) parts and components, which themselves are manufactured from materials using technologies that were not available when current OEM engines were developed and certified.

Q: Is the Vantage Engine FAA Certified?
A: Yes. It received its FAA Type Certificate in 2004.

Q: What is the market for the Vantage Engine?
A: The Vantage Engine was developed and certified to meet the needs of new-generation piston general aviation aircraft. The desire of the aircraft manufacturers to have a supplier that provides a truly better engine has been one of the primary motivating factors throughout the Vantage’s development and certification process.

Q: Is the Vantage Engine currently flying on any OEM aircraft?
A: Yes. It is the standard engine on American Champion Aircraft’s High Country Explorer and on the CubCrafters’ Carbon Cub. We are in negotiations with other aircraft manufacturers to offer the Vantage Engine on other airframes.

Q: Why is the Vantage Engine only offered by two aircraft OEMs?
A: Money and time. The financial issues of our prior ownership are well behind us. Superior’s ownership group is totally dedicated to our success.
The time element is summed-up by the need to raise the Vantage Engine’s TBO to 2,000 hours (currently at 1500 hours). We are working hard with current Vantage Engine owners and the FAA to achieve that goal as quickly as possible. Once we do, we know the Vantage Engine will be a popular alternative to prior-generation engines.

Q: Does Superior plan to offer the Vantage Engine as an STC aftermarket replacement to other engines?
A: Yes. We are in talks now with parties interested in obtaining FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) on a variety of popular aircraft types including the Cessna 172-series aircraft. Currently, we have an STC for 172 R and S models.

Q: Can Superior expect to be competitive with the established engine OEMs?
A: Absolutely. We entered the market because we can deliver a product and service that is not being met by current suppliers. We believe that all of general aviation benefits from honest competition – that’s what drives ongoing improvements.

Q: Does Superior build the Vantage Engine in America?
A: Absolutely. We subscribe to the “one man, one engine” philosophy so a dedicated builder individually crafts every engine. We believe this will contribute greatly to the Vantage Engine’s quality, performance and value.

We have invested heavily in creating a truly, state-of-the-art engine build center at our corporate headquarters in Coppell, Texas. Our build center is equipped with the most advanced tooling and is fully computerized with on-line workstations to give each engine’s build technician access to the latest instructions and documentation.

Q: What benefits does the Vantage Engine offer the typical owner/operator?
A: It offers an engine that is built to the highest standards available using the most advanced materials. The end result is an engine that delivers levels of efficiency and reliability that just cannot be achieved when using designs and specifications that are decades old.

Q: Can the Vantage Engine operate on 91 octane automotive gasoline?

A: Yes. Superior Vantage Engines are certified for 100LL Avgas per ASTM D910, 91/98 (lead optional) and motor gasoline with a minimum antiknock index (R+M)/2 method of 91 per ASTM D4814 (European EN228). Use of auto fuel blended with alcohol (ethanol) is forbidden.

Q: Will Superior offer the Vantage Engine for sale to individual aircraft owners?
A: No. The Vantage Engine is only sold to aircraft OEM’s, STC holders and certified engine overhaul shops.

Q: What are the inspection and maintenance requirements for the Vantage Engine?
A: Superior supplies all the necessary inspection and maintenance information and it is provided with each engine shipped. History has shown that the Vantage Engine needs the same level of preventative maintenance as any legacy piston engine.

Q: What about spare parts?
A: Spare and replacement part are available from any of Superior’s network of dealers and distributors.

Q: Do technicians need any special training to work on a Vantage Engine?
A: No.

Q: What is the difference between a Superior XP-Engine and the Vantage Engine?
A: Simply, the XP-Engines are experimental and the Vantage Engine is FAA certified. The XP-360 in particular was the actual development test bed for the certified Vantage Engine. From a technical and performance standpoint the two engines are basically identical. The standard XP-360 is manufactured with all the same FAA approved PMA parts as the Vantage Engine. The XP-Engine also offers options like roller lifters, horizontal cold air induction sumps and electronic ignition systems that are NOT available on the Vantage Engine.

Q: Is the Vantage Engine certified to helicopter standards?
A: Yes. In fact, during its FAA certification testing, we ran the Vantage Engine at 80% cruse power instead of the required 75%. Why? We wanted to demonstrate to the FAA and aviation community that it is a true step forward in performance and reliability, while at the same time, meeting the higher requirements of piston-powered helicopters.

Q: Is the Vantage Engine certified for aerobatic category aircraft?
A: Yes. The Vantage Engine is certified to aerobatic loads. 


*NOTE: Superior Vantage Engines are certified for 100LL Avgas per ASTM D910, 91/98 (lead optional) and motor gasoline with a minimum antiknock index (R=M/2 method of 91 per ASTM D4814 (European EN228). Use of auto fuel blended with alcohol (ethanol) is forbidden.


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