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Superior Air Parts Eligibilities


Part Description: SEAL, RING, OIL
Part Category: SEAL
FAA Website Eligibilities: [FAA Link]
Superior PMA Number: [59]
OEM Part Number: 72075
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SL72075 has eligibilities only on the following engines.

Engine Model (23)
Engine Configurations
GO-480 -No_Suffix, -A1A, -B, -B1, -B1A6, -B1B, -B1C, -B1D, -C1B6, -C1D6, -C2C6, -C2D6, -C2E6, -C3A6, -D1A, -E1A6, -F1A6, -F2A6, -F2D6, -F3A6, -F3B6, -F4A6, -F4B6, -F6, -G1A6, -G1B6, -G1D6, -G1H6, -G1J6, -G2D6, -G2F6
HIO-360 -A1A, -B1A
HO-360 -B1A, -B1B
IGO-540 -A1A, -A1B, -A1C, -B1A, -B1B, -B1C
IGSO-540 -A1A, -A1C, -A1D, -A1E, -A1F, -A1H, -B1A, -B1C
IO-320 -A1A, -A2A, -B1A, -B1B, -B1C, -B1D, -B1E, -B2A, -C1A, -C1B, -D1A, -D1B, -D1C, -E1A, -E1B, -E2A, -E2B, -F1A
IO-360 -A1A, -B1A, -B1D
IO-540 -A1A5, -B1A5, -B1B5, -B1C5, -C1B5, -C1C5, -C2C, -C4B5, -C4B5D, -C4C5, -C4D5, -C4D5D, -D4A5, -D4B5, -D4C5, -E1A5, -E1B5, -E1C5, -G1A5, -G1B5, -G1C5, -G1D5, -G1E5, -G1F5, -J4A5, -K1A5, -K1A5D, -K1B5, -K1B5D, -K1C5, -K1D5, -K1E5, -K1E5D, -K1F5, -K1F5D, -K1G5, -K1G5D, -K1H5, -K1J5, -K1J5D, -K1K5, -K2A5, -L1A5, -L1A5D, -L1B5D, -L1C5, -M1A5, -M1A5D, -M1B5D, -M1C5, -M2A5D, -N1A5, -P1A5, -R1A5, -S1A5, -T4A5D, -T4B5, -T4B5D, -T4C5D, -U1A5D, -U1B5D, -V4A5, -V4A5D, -W1A5, -W1A5D, -W3A5D, -AA1A5, -AA1B5, -AB1A5, -AC1A5, -AE1A5, -AF1A5, -AG1A5
IO-720 -A1A, -A1B, -A1BD, -B1A, -B1B, -B1BD, -C1B, -C1BD, -D1B, -D1BD, -D1C, -D1CD
LIO-320 -B1A, -C1A
LO-360 -A1G6D, -E1A6D
LTO-360 -E1A6D
O-290 -D, -D2, -D2A, -D2B, -D2C
O-320 -No_Suffix, -A1A, -A1B, -A2A, -A2B, -A2C, -A2D, -A3A, -A3B, -A3C, -B1A, -B1B, -B2A, -B2B, -B2C, -B2D, -B2E, -B3A, -B3B, -B3C, -C1A, -C1B, -C2A, -C2B, -C2C, -C3A, -C3B, -C3C, -D1A, -D1B, -D1C, -D1D, -D1F, -D2A, -D2B, -D2C, -D2F, -D2G, -D2H, -D2J, -D3G, -E1A, -E1B, -E1C, -E1F, -E1J, -E2A, -E2B, -E2C, -E2D, -E2F, -E2G, -E2H, -E3D, -E3H, -H1AD, -H1BD, -H2AD, -H2BD, -H3AD, -H3BD
O-360 -A1A, -A1AD, -A1C, -A1D, -A1F6, -A1F6D, -A1G6, -A1G6D, -A1LD, -A2A, -A2D, -A2E, -A2F, -A2G, -A3A, -A3AD, -A4A, -A4G, -A4J, -A4K, -A4M, -A5AD, -B2A, -C1A, -C1C, -C1E, -C1F, -C2A, -C2B, -C2C, -C2D, -C2E, -D2A, -D2B, -E1A6D, -F1A6
O-540 -A1A, -A1A5, -A1B5, -A1C5, -A1D, -A1D5, -A2B, -A3D5, -A4A5, -A4B5, -A4C5, -A4D5, -A4E5, -B1A5, -B1B5, -B1D5, -B2A5, -B2B5, -B2C5, -B4A5, -B4B5, -D1A5, -E4A5, -E4B5, -E4C5, -F1A5, -F1B5, -G1A5, -G2A5, -H1A5, -H1A5D, -H1B5D, -H2A5, -H2A5D, -H2B5D, -J1A5D, -J1B5D, -J1C5D, -J1D5D, -J2A5D, -J2B5D, -J2C5D, -J2D5D, -J3A5, -J3A5D, -J3C5D, -L3C5D
TIGO-541 -B1A, -C1A, -D1A, -D1B, -E1A, -G1AD
TIO-540 -A1A, -A1B, -A1C, -A2A, -A2B, -A2C, -C1A, -E1A, -F2BD, -G1A, -H1A, -J2B, -J2BD, -K1AD, -N2BD, -R2AD, -S1AD, -T2AD, -U2A, -V2AD, -W2A, -AA1AD, -AB1AD, -AB1BD, -AE2A, -AF1A, -AF1B, -AG1A, -AH1A, -AJ1A, -AK1A
TIO-541 -A1A, -E1A4, -E1B4, -E1C4, -E1D4
TO-360 -C1A6D, -E1A6D
TVO-435 -A1A, -B1A, -B1B, -C1A, -D1A, -D1B, -E1A, -F1A, -G1A, -G1B
VO-435 -A1A, -A1B, -A1C, -A1D, -A1E, -A1F, -B1A
VO-540 -A1A, -A2A, -B1A, -B1B, -B1B3, -B1C, -B1D, -B1E, -B1F, -B1H3, -B2A, -B2C, -B2D, -B2E, -B2G, -C1A, -C1B, -C1C3, -C2A, -C2B, -C2C